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BHISHMA i.e. Shri Bhagwan Vedvyas Itihas Sanshodhan Mandir was established in 1976 by Itihas Bhushan late Shripadji Kulkarni. ​It was blessed and inspired by PP Param Acharya Chandrashekharendra Saraswati Mahaswamy of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetham.

Bhishma School of Indic Studies (BSIS) has the fundamental objective as Ancient Indian Wisdom for Better World of Tomorrow. Since ancient times Bharat is known as Vishwa Guru throughout the world. Time has changed in last 50 years and today, in 2020s,  the whole world is eagerly desiring to know better alternatives in various of life from India. They want to know what is India ? What is Bharat ? There is a great hope from the knowledge of ancient Indian history and culture. Indians in India and outside India have huge urge for fundamental and basic knowledge of India e.g. the true History, Philosophy, Dharma, Religious and Spiritual concepts, ancient Civilization, Heritage, Art & Architecture,  Culture, Ancient Science & Technology, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Economics, Political Systems, Social Systems, Health Systems, Agricultural & Environmental Systems, Life Style, etc.


BSIS - Aims &Objectives : 

1) Creating Awareness about the True History and Culture of India
2) Educating Indians across the Globe with  help of technology... Especially among the Youth 
3) Empowering the Confidence of Indians across the Globe with honest picture of Indian Past 
4) Empowering Research in Indian History and Culture.
5) Promoting to convert ancient wisdom into applied knowledge useful today.  

6) Creating Career, Professional and Business opportunities for Youth.


Kindly donate for various activities of BSIS and contribute for spreading ancient Indian knowledge systems and wisdom for better world tomorrow.

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