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Masters Programs in Indian Knowledge


Recognized by Central Sanskrit University (CSU)

Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System
Recognized Institution for Conducting Skill and Professional Education Courses
Global Accreditation by IACDSC, USA

 शोध भारत का... बातें भारत की... ​

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Online Masters Courses in Indian Knowledge System

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3rd Batch of Bharat Jnan Workshop Series

सुनियें IKS का महत्त्व और अवसर - बातें IKS की...

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Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System (Formerly Bhishma School of Indic Studies) Pune (BSIKS) is a pioneer institute in the field of Indian Knowledge System ( IKS ), Hindu Studies and Indic Studies. BSIKS programs are accredited by IACDSC, USA, an international accreditation body. BSIKS has associations with Sakshi Trust, Bengaluru (Research Centre of Karnataka Sanskrit University), Hindu Council of Australia, Maharshi Ved Vyas Pratishthan, Vijnyan Bharati, Sanskrit Bharati, Vidya Bharati Uchha Shiksha Sansthan, IHAR - USA & India, etc. Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System offers courses and programs like Foundation, Certificate, Diploma, P.G. Diploma and Masters under various schools. 

The whole range of knowledge system under these schools is multifarious, from the Vedas, Upanishads to scriptural, philosophical, scientific, technological and artistic sources. The disciplines and domains of knowledge include logic, philosophy, language, technology and crafts, polity, economics and governance, ethics and sociological orders, architecture and engineering, pure sciences, earth sciences, bio sciences, poetics and aesthetics, law and justice, grammar, mathematics and astronomy, metrics, agriculture, mining, metallurgy, trade and commerce, ayurved and yog, medicine and life sciences, geography, military science, weaponry, shipbuilding, navigation and maritime traditions, biology and veterinary science, music, dance, drama, carvings, paintings, spirituality, divinity, civilization study, culture & heritage etc. BSIKS is focusing on the revitalization of the major knowledge tradition i.e. 14 Vidyas- theoretical domains - and 64 Kalas-crafts, skill sets and arts-that are useful in day-to-day living through its activities and programs.

चतुर्वेदा: पुराणानि सर्वोपनिषदस्तथा

रामायणं भारतं च गीता षड्दर्शनानि च ।

जैनागमास्त्रिपिटका: गुरुग्रन्थ: सतां गिर:

एष: ज्ञाननिधि: श्रेष्ठ: श्रध्देयो हृदि सर्वदा ॥

॥ कृण्वन्तो विश्वं आर्यं ॥  

॥ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिन:॥  

॥ भारत माता की जय ॥

|| एत्तद्देशप्रसूतस्य सकाशादग्रजन्मन: स्वं स्वं चरित्रं शिक्षेरन्  पृथिव्यां सर्वमानवा: ||

"Human beings across the universe should learn, understand and grasp the noble knowledge from divine Rishis and Sages from Bharatavarsha and apply the same to acquire all types of prosperity and happiness in their material as well as spiritual life."

Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System conducts academic courses, programs, and research in the broad discipline of Indology. It starts from the Vedic heritage and includes the whole Indian Knowledge System (IKS). The Ministry of Education (formerly MHRD), of Govt of India has recently started the IKS-cell. We hope to complement the Govt effort by making it accessible online, on the mass level, by bringing together experts, and associating them with enthusiastic learners.

Our courses will cover the Indian spiritual worldview of Sanatan Dharma, with its emphasis on the concept of Moksha. It is ubiquitous to IKS. The word is not translatable, as much as  translating “Dharma” as “Religion” is just wrong. Such translations have caused immense confusion even among scholarly circles, in the last two centuries. Dharma is a rational, evolutionary, notion, which provides individual and social ethics, and encourages scientific inquiry. Moksha is the ultimate liberation from all causes and their effects. All Vedangas, and Darshanas. in the IKS, such as Grammar, Chhandas, Jyotish (Astronomy), Saankhya, Vaisheshik, Nyaaya, Yoga, Vedanta, Buddha, Jain have their roots in this common spiritual world-view. In turn,  they have given rise to various arts and sciences such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Music, Literature and Poetry, Mathematics, Engineering, Agriculture, Economics, Politics which have developed, and are developing, to this day.

Through our courses, we wish to introduce and make this treasure accessible to all interested people.

|| यत्र योगेश्वरः कृष्णो यत्र पार्थो धनुर्धरः | तत्र श्रीर्विजयो भूतिर्ध्रुवा नीतिर्मतिर्मम ||

Benefits :

● Parallel Double Degree Qualification with ongoing Degree

● Free Webinars on IKS, Indic, and Hindu Studies

● Value Addition to Life

Opportunities :

● Opportunities as IKS Faculty, Teacher, IKS Expert

● Career and Employment Opportunities

● Research Opportunities

● Professional & Business opportunities

● Social, Cultural and Networking opportunities

● Corporate Opportunities

● Forces, Civil Services, Foreign Services Opportunities

BSIKS Courses and Programs : 

🔹 Foundation 🔹 Certificate 🔹 Diploma 🔹 Bachelors 🔹 Masters 

🔹 P. G. Diploma 🔹 Research Projects

 भारत माता की जय ! 

Ch. Shivaji Maharaj
Bharat Mata
Swami Vivekanand

 विश्वगुरु भारत की जय 

Blessing and Inspiration

Mahaswami Kanchi Pitham Ashirvad.jpg

Param Acharya Chandrashekharendra Saraswati
Mahaswami of Kanchi Pitham

Shripad Kulkarni.jpg

Late Shri. Shripad Kulkarni

Founder BHISHMA Project

Chief Mentors

Govind Dev Giri.jpg

Swami Govinddev Giri

Treasurer, Ram Janmabhumi  Tirthakshetra

Founder- Maharshi Vedvyas Pratishthan

Kapil Kapoor Photo.jpg

Dr. Kapil Kapoor

Chairperson: Indian Insti. of Advanced Study, Shimla

Former Pro-VC of JNU

रवींद्र कुलकर्णी.webp

Prof. Dr. Ravindra Kulkarni

Eminent Mathematician, USA

Trustee- Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan

Vijay Bhatkar.jpg

Padmabhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkar

Chancellor : Nalanda University 

Founder - Multiversity

Dr Vasant Shinde Sir Photo.jpg

Dr. Vasant Shinde

World Renowned Archaeologist

Former Vice-Chancellor - Deccan Collage

Milind Sathaye.jpg

Dr. Milind Sathye

Eminent Scholar | Advisor -

The Hindu Council of Australia

Yash Pathak Photo.jpg

Dr. Yashwant Pathak

Eminent Author
Founder ICCS USA

Dr. Shashi Tiwari.jpg

Dr. Shashi Tiwari

President, Wider Association of

Vedic Studies

Prof. Kshitij Patukale : Founder Director, BSIKS

Master Programs (2023-25)

Indian Knowledge Systems IKS Masters Program

1️⃣ Masters in Indian Knowledge System
॥ सा विद्या... या विमुक्तये ॥

India has a rich tradition of intellectual inquiry and textual heritage that goes back several thousands of years. India was advanced in knowledge system, traditions and practices since antiquity.

Kautilya Politics and Economics Masters Course

3️⃣ Masters in Chanakya Kautilya Studies
॥ राजा  कालस्य  कारणम्  ॥

Chanakya Kautilya is one of the most intelligent Rishi scientists ever on the earth. His book 'Kautilya Arthshastra' has everything required for a successful life. It is not only useful for Government & Governance but its applications are there in every field of day-to-day life. Kautilya provides guaranteed knowledge system for Victory & Success. The study of Chanakya will empower everyone who is eager to make his life successful.

Masters in Hindu Studies Masters Course

2️⃣Masters in Hindu Studies
॥ वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्  ॥

Hindu Civilization is no different from Sanatan Civilization or Vedic Civilization and possesses rich sources of knowledge system capable of addressing and resolving the enormous challenges which our modern world is facing. As many as five million new jobs are expected to be available in the Hindu and Vedic Studies sector in the next few decades.

Vedic Literature Masters Course

4️⃣ Masters in Vedic Literature
॥ ​कृण्वन्तो विश्वं आर्यं ॥

Vedic Literature is the basis of Indian Knowledge System. Vedas are the most ancient sources of knowledge on the earth. Vedic Literature has reached us for thousands of years through Oral tradition.

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