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Join Masters Courses in Indian Knowledge System ( IKS ) 

India has a rich tradition of intellectual inquiry and textual heritage that goes back several hundreds of years. India was magnificently advanced in knowledge systems, traditions, and practices since ancient unknown times. The whole range of knowledge systems is varied from Vedas, and Upanishads to scriptural, philosophical, scientific, technological, and artistic sources. The disciplines and domains of knowledge include logic, philosophy, language, technology and crafts, polity, economy and governance, ethics and sociological orders, Architecture and engineering, pure sciences, earth sciences, biosciences, poetics and aesthetics, law and justice, grammar, mathematics and astronomy, metrics,  agriculture, mining, metallurgy, trade and commerce, medicine and life sciences, geography, military science, weaponry, shipbuilding, biology, and veterinary science, etc. The major knowledge tradition describes 14 Vidya - theoretical domains and 64 Kalas - crafts, skillsets, and arts useful for the day to day life. 

IKS is not a separate branch of study but it is there in each and every domain of the Indian Knowledge System. Under New Education Policy, IKS will be explored in-depth and applied to solve the challenges of current times. The application of IKS today will be the driving force of the educational revolution as per the guidelines of NEP-2020.

Indian Knowledge System simply means traditional indigenous ancient knowledge sources which are still in practice in the country since ancient times. E.g. Ayurveda as a health management system or Indian Classical Music & Dance, etc. In the era of modernization, the world is facing the limitations of the so-called Modern Western Knowledge System. The Western idea of development has created enormous challenges for mankind. Indian Knowledge System has solutions for many world challenges. For the last couple of centuries, Indian Knowledge System has not been attended to in the proper sense. It has been put aside as the knowledge of spirituality or religious rituals. Ironically IKS has such a huge potential that India was the richest country on the earth for a few thousand years. Travelers & visitors from all over the world were searching India in the quest for wealth & knowledge.

New National Education Policy 2020 has emphasized the IKS & making IKS applicable in today's world. Indian Knowledge System has the world's largest knowledge base available with it. Astonishingly the voyage of knowledge is continuous & still available. There are more than 10 million manuscripts available out of which hardly 5% have been studied. The remaining 95% of scripts are waiting to get explored. The whole world is looking to India to guide and provide directions for sustainable living. IKS does not have only spiritual knowledge but it contains mainly an application-oriented knowledge system for all times.

The central government has decided to explore the potential of IKS for modern times. The present conventional education system in the country has limitations to employment generation. The students are neither getting jobs with ready skill sets nor they can start self-employment. The government has now decided to make radical changes in the present education system through NEP 2020. Every UG & PG student has to acquire now a minimum of 5 % credits from IKS out of the total credits required for achieving total credits for a degree. It will create a revolution. The Foundation of the new education system will be Indian Knowledge System i.e. IKS. But there is a lack of IKS professionals, IKS faculty, IKS teachers, and IKS experts. IKS consultants are not available in the country. There will be a huge demand for IKS experts in the future. They will work as the backbone for the change that is expected to happen.
Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge Systems is devotedly working in the same direction to fulfill this gap in IKS expertise. Bhishma has launched four Masters programs, aligned with NEP 2020 to develop IKS expertise in the country.

IKS references are highlighted in PDF

Masters Programs - 2023-24

Please Note: Bhishma Masters Online Programs are accredited by IACDSC. These programs will not have any affiliation or recognition from any university for the AY 2023.

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About Masters Courses

  • 4 Programs - Online Mode 

  • Duration – 2 Years

  • Eligibility – Graduate or Equivalent             

  • Age – No Age Limit 

  • Teaching Language – Hindi                      

  • Study Material Language – Hindi and English

  • Study Material – Hard copy + E-Book 

  • Live Classes on Zoom + Session Recordings will be available        

  • 4 Semesters in each program

  • 4 Papers (Subjects) per Semester - Total 16 Papers + 2 Projects

  • Master program Credits - 84

  • Each Session Duration - Online - 90 Minutes (70 Min. Lecture + 20 Min. Q & A)      

Online Classes Starting from : 10 October 2023


  • Monday to Thursday – 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm (Zoom App)

Assessment & Evaluation 

  • 100 marks per subject 

  • Written Exam – 60 Marks, Assignment – 20 Marks,  Oral – 20 Marks 

  • Project – Thesis & Presentation 

  • Passing – Min. 40% marks in each subject 

Fee Structure 

  • ₹ 25000/- per Semester

  • OR ₹ 48000/- per year

  • OR ₹ 90000/- for Two years

(Fees inclusive of Admission fee, Permanent registration fee, Tuition fee, Study material, Assessment, Examination fee,  Supervision, Technical Support & Guidance fee, etc.)

Re-examination Fees: ₹1,000/- per subject

IKS S.jpg

Masters in Indian Knowledge System

॥ सा विद्या... या विमुक्तये ॥

September 2023 to August 2025

Course Code: MIKS 

Hindu studies S.jpg

Masters in Hindu Studies

॥ ​वसुधैव कुटुंबकम्  

September 2023 to August 2025

Course Code: MHDS 

Kautilya S.jpg

Masters in Chanakya Kautilya Studies

॥ ​राजा  कालस्य  कारणम्  

September 2023 to August 2025

Course Code: MCKS

Vedic Literature Masters.jpg

Masters in Vedic Literature

॥ ​कृण्वन्तो विश्वं आर्यं 

September 2023 to August 2025

Course Code: MVDL


Contact for any inquiries -
Head Office  
(Call) Vinayak: 8788243526
WhatsApp: 7875191270
(Call) Mo: 7875743405 

Office Address:
622, Janaki Raghunath, Pulachi Wadi,Near Z Bridge, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune - 411004 Bharat
Google Map 📍 - Click here  

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Special Appeal to Indians in the USA and outside India
Be India Expert… Be India Scholar... बनिए भारतविद्या विशेषज्ञ... बनिए IKS विशेषज्ञ... Be Hindu Civilization Expert, Hindu Culture Expert, बनिए हिंदू संस्कार विशेषज्ञ... Be Kautilya Chanakya Expert... Be Hindu Counsellor 

Bhishma Courses Affiliated in India & Accredited in USA

Masters Courses offered by Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System are accredited by IACDSC, USA. This accreditation will help them for employment and job opportunities in various organizations like community colleges, schools, hospitals, prisons, temples, cultural and social organizations, NGOs, etc. Students can work as independent professionals as India Scholar, India Expert, Hindu Counsellor, Hindu Civilization, Hindu Sanskar expert, Kautilya Political and economic Expert, Indian / Hindu Life Style Expert, etc

Masters Programs in Indian Knowledge System are they useful for Indian Students studying in the USA? How? These programs are online and recording is also available. These programs will benefit Indian Students studying in the USA. It will help them with resume building. It will create alternative career and employment opportunities for them simultaneously. They can take some part-time professions or jobs in hospitals, prisons, temples, cultural and social organizations, NGOs, etc along with their ongoing education in USA.

India is the 5th largest economy in the world. Prime Minister has assured that it will be the 3rd largest economy in the world in the next 5 years. There will be huge opportunities in USA, Indian as weel as all over the world for Experts in Indian Knowledge System.

Watch Video: Opportunities in IKS
बातें IKS की...
Learn from our Mentors, about IKS Importance and Opportunities...
▶️ IKS और Hindu Studies में उज्जवल करिअर ! क्यो ? और कैसे?
प.पू. स्वामी गोविंददेव गिरि महाराज
▶️ IKS की शिक्षा क्यो जरुरी है ?
डॉ. कपिल कपूर
▶️ New Education Policy (NEP) and IKS  कैसे बदलेगी भारत का भविष्य?
डॉ. विजय भटकर
▶️ Importance of Indian Knowledge System (IKS) with Archaeological Perspective
Dr. Vasant Shinde

FAQs about Masters Programs

1) Why one should join the Masters Programs offered by Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System ?  

Ans. :- For the first time in India and the world, Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System has launched Masters Programs in Indian Knowledge System. The Central Government and Ministry of Education are insisting and putting emphasis on education and skills based on ancient Indian Knowledge System which are indigenous, traditional, still relevant in many sectors, and trustworthy. Unfortunately since British era & after independence till 2014, IKS was neglected and underestimated. Besides we see that the so-called modern western concepts and ideas are failing repeatedly all over the world. Great transformation and radical change is happening around us at local and global level and the basis of this change will be Indian Knowledge System (IKS). IKS will be the brand of India. National Education Policy NEP 2020 has written a roadmap for this change. It will be not only limited to the education sector but the change will transform each and every sector of life around us. The great IKS wave has just begun and it will grow for a minimum of next 4 to 5 decades. It will expand not only in India but all over the world. It is expected that 5 million new jobs will be generated in Indian Knowledge System i.e. IKS in the next few decades. Every wise person or student of any age should understand this change which is happening silently and he should get ready to lead this IKS wave by acquiring the expertise in Indian Knowledge System i.e. IKS. The Masters Programs of Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System will open the doors of a bright and long-term future for everyone who can sense and experience the transformation happening in the country. Students who will join at an early stage will be highly benefited. Apart from individual benefits, they will share immense contributions to the country and the world. 

2) What is the background of the Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System ? 

Ans. :- Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System ( formerly Bhishma School of Indic Studies)  Pune (BSIKS) is a Global Leader and a Pioneer Institute in India in the field of Indian Knowledge System ( IKS ) and Indic Studies. The mother organization BHISHMA was established in 1976 by late Dr. Shripad Dattatray Kulkarni and blessed by PP Paramacharya of Kanchi Kamkoti Pitham Late PP Chandrashekharendra Saraswati Swami Maharaj. Many Eminent Scholars and personalities from India and abroad are associated with BSIKS as mentors and advisors including PP Swami Govinddev Giri, Padmabhushan Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, Dr.Kapil Kapoor, Rajiv Malhotra, Dr. Vasant Shinde, Dr. Madhuri Sheron, Dr. Shashibala, Dr. Bharat Balavalli, Ustad Usman Khan, Dr. Ravindra Kulkarni, Dr. Shashi Tiwari, Dr. Yashwant Pathak, Acharya Umapati, Dr. Milind Sathye, etc. Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System offers courses and programs like Foundation in IKS, Certificate, Diploma, PG Diploma, and Masters programs under various schools.  The whole range of knowledge systems under these schools is multifarious, from the Vedas, and Upanishads to scriptural, philosophical, scientific, technological and artistic sources. The disciplines and domains of knowledge include logic, philosophy, language, technology and crafts, polity, economics and governance, ethics and sociological orders, architecture and engineering, pure sciences, earth sciences, biosciences, poetics and aesthetics, law and justice, grammar, mathematics and astronomy, metrics, agriculture, mining, metallurgy, trade and commerce, Ayurveda and Yog, medicine and life sciences, geography, military science, weaponry, shipbuilding, navigation and maritime traditions, biology, and veterinary science, music, dance, drama, carvings, paintings, spirituality, divinity, civilization study, culture & heritage, etc. BSIKS is focusing on the revitalization of the major knowledge tradition i.e. 14 Vidyas- theoretical domains - and 64 Kalas-crafts, skill sets, and arts-that are useful in day-to-day living through its activities and programs. BSIKS has conducted online certificate programs for the last 3 years and more than 6600 students have completed it successfully.    

4) What are the career opportunities in Masters Programs? 

Ans. :-  There are huge career opportunities with BSIKS Masters Programs. i) Job i.e. Employment Opportunities like Faculty, Teacher, Expert, Consultant, etc with self employment opportunities ii) Research Opportunities iii) Professional Opportunities iv) Business Opportunities v) Industrial Opportunities vi) Consulting / Coaching Opportunities vii) Social Opportunities viii) Cultural Opportunities ix) Self Employment Opportunities x) Performance Opportunities, etc.  Now let us explore opportunities in each Program


A) Masters In Indian Knowledge System – Be an India Scholar / IKS Scholar / IKS Expert

i) Faculty – As a professor, teacher, mentor, guide, and coach in Colleges, Universities, Institutions, Professional Organizations, IT & Software sectors, Digital Content creation, etc. 

ii) Professional – IKS expert, IKS Consultant, IKS Director in corporate companies, Professional & Social Organizations, NGOs, Media Houses, Trade Associations, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality Sector, IT & Software sector, Digital Content Creation, etc. 

iii) Research – Research Scholar in National & International Research Organizations, etc. 

iv) Social & Cultural – Event Management, Social, Cultural & Service Organizations, Hospitals & Health Care etc. 


B) Masters In Hindu Studies – Be a Hindu Scholar / Hindu Counsellor

i) Hindu Scholar / Expert / Counselors – Includes Hindu Health Counselors, Hindu Psychological Counselors, Hindu Marriage Counselors, Hindu Spiritual Counselors etc. in Corporate Companies, Hospitals, Social & Spiritual Organizations, etc. 

ii) Faculty – As a professor, teacher, mentor, guide, coach in Colleges, Universities, Institutions, Professional Organizations, IT & Software sector, Digital Content Creation etc. 

iii) Expert & Consultant – Hospitals, Industries, Corporate, Temples, Spiritual organizations, Event Management, etc.

iv) Research – Research scholar in National & International research organizations, etc.


C) Masters In Chanakya Kautilya Studies? – Be a Kautilya Scholar / Kautilya Coach / Kautilya Political Expert / Kautilya Economic Expert / Kautilya Life Coach 

i) Kautilya Experts: Huge demand in Strategy & Policy Making Consultation Companies to Political Parties e.g. Political / Election Consultancy, etc.  

ii) Economic & Strategic Experts in Corporate Companies & Organizations, etc.

iii) Faculty – As a professor, teacher, mentor, guide, and coach in Colleges, Universities, Institutions, Professional Organizations, IT & Software sector, Digital Content Creation, etc. 

iv) Expert & Consultant in Social & Cultural organizations, NGO’s, etc.  

v) Expert in – Embassy offices, International organizations like ICCR, Media Houses, Research organizations, Cyber security, etc. 

vi) Warfare & Foreign affairs – Organizations & Consulting Companies, etc. 

vii) Political Party –Students who wish to take politics as a career will find this course most useful. Leaders and Workers of various Political Parties should join this course. 

D) Masters In Vedic Literature – Be a Vedic Scholar / Vedic Counsellor  

i) Research - 10 million manuscripts are available related to Vedic & Indian Knowledge systems. Hardly 5% of it has been studied. There is a need and demand for Research for studying more than 9 million scripts. Huge research potential for Master in Vedic Literature.  

ii) Faculty – As a professor, teacher, mentor, guide, and coach in Colleges, Universities, Institutions, Professional Organizations, IT & Software sector, digital Content Creation etc.

iii) Vedic Counselor – As Vedic Cultural Counselor, Vedic Rituals Counselor, Vedic Literature / Career Counselor etc. 

iv) Vedic Experts / Vedic Consultant 


5. Is attendance compulsory for Masters Programs? 

Ans. :-  Attendance is required but not strictly compulsory. It is because the recording of classes will be available for the students. We encourage all students to attend the sessions as students get enlightened and thrilled after learning the contents by attending the same. 

6. What will be the examination pattern? How students will be assessed ?  

Ans. :-   There will be an assessment of 100 marks for each paper. Division of marks will be as follows:-   60 marks for the online Written exam, 20 marks for Assignment and 20 marks for Oral. The duration for the written examination will be of 2 hours.  There will be 2 projects each in one year

7.  Please inform me about the availability of lecture recordings. Whether recordings will be available for offline students? 

Ans. :-   Recordings of all online lectures will be available for students. These recordings will be available till the result of the semester is declared.


8. How students will get recordings? 

Ans. :- The student will receive an email on his registered email id after the commencement of the programs. There will be a link to the Google Drive folder. BSIKS will upload the recording in a google drive within 24 hours after the session is over. Students are required to keep checking the folder regularly. 


9. What will be the structure of assignments and how they should be submitted?  

Ans. :-  There will be 20 marks assignment for each subject. Students will be provided 10 questions for the assignment and they require to write descriptive answers for 4 questions in around 2000 words. Answers should be handwritten and after writing the answers, students need to make PDF documents and upload on given link. All students are required to upload assignments on the given link. Hard copies will not be accepted.    

10.  What will be the structure of the Project and how it will be assessed?  

Ans. :- There will be 2 projects i.e. one project per year. Based on the subjects covered in the program, students will be given elective topics for the project. The project can be based on the below point with reference to the different concepts taught in the program –
•    Validation of concept
•    Application of concept
•    Creating physical dummy models
•    Finding references and proofs for the concept, etc.
   Students have to write the thesis and present it in front of an external faculty panel.


11. What is IACDSC accreditation and what are its benefits? 

Ans. :-   IACDSC is the international accreditation organization for the degree-granting institutions based on Dharmic traditions and cultures. It is based in the Florida state of USA. The degrees granted by BSIKS are accreditated by IACDSC and are valid and authentic all over the world. For more details please visit

12. How Bhishma Masters Programs will be accepted in the USA and foreign countries? 

Ans. :-  Educational qualifications and degrees of Indian Universities are not valid, accredited and accepted in USA. It is because there is a huge difference of the educational system and pattern of education in both countries. Masters Programs offered by the Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge Systems are accredited by IACDSC, USA. The degrees of BSIKS are accepted in USA because they are accredited by an accreditation agency in USA.      

13. How Bhishma Masters Programs will benefit students residing in USA ?

Ans. :-   USA students will get great benefits by joining Bhishma Masters Programs as they are affilaited in India by CSU and accredited in USA by IACDSC. All Indians in USA should join these programs. Programs will enlighten them as well as bring employment opportunities in various organizations including hospitals, temples, community colleges, community organizations, service organizations, health management organizations and even in corporate sector. Students will be able to work as Hindu Expert, Hindu Counsellor, India Scholar, Kautilya Corporate / Political / Economic Scholar, Vedic Scholar, Hindu Scholar, etc. The spouses of H-1 visa holders can get employment after completing Bhishma Masters Programs.


14. What do the students need to prepare? 

Ans. :-   For online mode, students require pen, paper, and an inquisitive mind. BSIKS will provide study material and suggest reference material for additional reading and study. Students are expected to refer it and complete their assignment and project work. 


15. What will be the language of the study material? 

Ans. :-   Study Material will be mainly in Hindi. There will be English content also.   

16. What will be the language of teaching?

Ans. :-  Teaching will be in the Hindi language little mixed with English.  

17. Are online sessions interactive? 

Ans. :-   All our online sessions will be highly interactive ! The student will not only enjoy live video and audio but will be able to interact with the faculty in different ways: There will be  15-20 minutes after every session for Q & A. Students can write questions in the chatbox in the zoom app in an ongoing session. Students can also write mail about the query. 

18. Who are the faculties ? 

Ans. :-  Eminent faculties and scholars are associated with BSIKS from various locations in India and outside India in large numbers. They are learned, studious and motivated. Please visit the following link to know our faculty 

19. How will students join the online sessions? 

Ans. :-  After enrollment, students will receive a confirmation of admission mail. The student will receive an email from the BSIKS support desk, a day before of commencement of the program which will give an access link and code of Zoom meeting. 

20. Do I need to download any app for live sessions? 

Ans. :-   Yes. You need to download Zoom application for live sessions. 

21. After Masters Program, will the students be eligible to join Ph.D. programs? 

Ans. :- Yes. Masters program is of 84 credits. BSIKS is going to launch PhD programs very soon. Students can join after completing Masters Programs. 

22. Where should students contact for queries or for assistance? 

Ans. :-   For calling: 7875743405; Whatsapp: 7875191270 

23. What will be the duration of this Program? 

Ans. :-  2 Years – August 2023 to July 2025 – 4 Semester Program

24. When Semester Examination will be conducted?  

Ans. :-  Written exam will be conducted in the last month of semester and it will be conducted on weekend i.e Saturday & Sunday. 

25. Can a student appear for an examination if he missed an examination or failed?  

Ans. :-   Students can appear for re-examination in the upcoming semester. Fees will be Rs. 1000/- ( For Indian students ) or USD $ 30 ( for Foreign students ) for each paper. 

26. What is the refund policy and jurisdiction? 

Ans. :-   Please note that there will be no refund of any fees after taking the admission in any circumstances. All complaints will have Pune City jurisdiction limit only. Students are advised to study and understand all the instructions, terms and conditions and related information before enrolling for admission and payment of fees.  

27. What will be the mode of communication and language for students while communicating with BSIKS office  ? 

Ans. :-   Students can contact BSIKS via whatsApp, email, mobile or by physical visit to office. The language should be Hindi and English.  

28. Is there an age limit to joining Masters Program?  

Ans. :-   No. There is no age limit. Anyone above the age of 18 years, can join the Masters Programs. 


29. What is the Credit System recognized internationally by IACDSC & followed by BSIKS ?  

Ans. :-  BSIKS is following an internationally recognized  credit system as below

Credit System:-
✅ Certificate - 4 Credits - 3 Months Duration

✅ Diploma - 16 Credits  - 4 Certificates

✅ Masters Degree - 84 Credits (Standalone)

✅ PhD by Thesis - 140 Credits ( 84 Credits Masters  + 56 Credits Thesis )

       (PhD program not available yet.)

30. Is BSIKS is having any associations? 

Ans. :-   Yes. Bhishma is having academic and other associations with many organizations in India and outside India. Few of them are as follows 

i) Sakshi Trust, Bengaluru - A Recognized Research Center by Karanataka Sanskrit University

ii) Hindu Council of Australia

iii) Vijnyan Bharati – Vijnyan Gurjari  

iv)  VBUSS – Vidya Bharati Uchha Shikshan Sansthan

v) IHAR - USA & India  

vi) Maharshi Ved Vyas Pratishthan 


31. How Masters Programs will be useful to various age groups ? Are they beneficial for currently employed people? If yes, then how ? 

Ans. :-   Masters Programs offered by Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System will be useful for all age groups and all sectors of the society. Let us understand that as per the New National Educational Policy, there will be revolution and radical change in the education system in India. Now every UG & PG student has to acquire minimum of 5 % credits from IKS out of the total credits required for achieving total credits for a degree. Apart from this, central government is trying to apply all indigenous, ancient and traditional Indian models based on Indian Knowledge System in every field and every sector of the society, social life, governance, trade, commerce, agriculture, education, health sector, etc. At the other end, we experience that the so called modern western models are getting defeated and failed around us. E.g. Allopathy does not have solutions for many ultra-modern diseases and Ayurveda has a deep sense preventive health. Another example is multinational companies mislead Indian population about the quality of food and drugs. Pantanjali and Ramdev Baba have created examples which are beneficial not only for Indians but for the whole world. Let us understand that the whole country as a whole is getting ready for revival and transformation as ancient traditional glorious India. People with any age group working in any field can join Masters Programs and convert the knowledge into an opportunity in the next few decades. They will be the change leaders and lead the change happening around us. So you may be working in any government organization, teacher, professor, doctor, lawyer, CA, engineer, architect or graduate degree holder in any field you can think about Masters Programs as a supportive or alternative career. It will enlighten you at the individual level and also will help you to create a change in society in a professional way. 


32. What are the Global Opportunities from these Masters Programs offered by Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge System ? 

Ans. :- Let us understand and accept that due to the respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji and his governance, India has achieved global pride and salutation. India has a great image and centre of attraction among the world population. People across the world are very much eager to know about India, its culture, a voyage of civilization, traditions, heritage, etc. Universities in many countries in the world are opening centres for India Study or Centre for Vedic / Hindu Civilization study, etc. There is a global demand for Yog, Ayurved, etc. Now we see that Indian classical music, dance, food, cultural activities are getting popular all over the world. Technology, especially social media is helping for its spread. Indians are getting many higher posts in USA government and USA corporate world as well as many international organizations. Another important benefit is that India is the youngest country in the world. So young Indians will lead and rule the future world. Indians empowered with the foundation of Indian Knowledge System and Hindu Studies are having huge career opportunities all over the globe. Besides, you will see that United Nations and other world organizations are talking about the concept of sustainable development and arguing the world to follow it. This concept of sustainable development is the very basis of Indian Knowledge system and based on Vedic philosophy. Masters Program will help students to become India Scholar, IKS Expert, Hindu Scholar, Hindu Cultural Councellor, Vedic Scholar, Vedic Coach, Kautilya Experts, etc. They all will have global opportunities for next few decades. 

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