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Prof. S. A. Katre

Past Occupation: i. S. P. College, Pune (1977-1988)
ii. Savitribai Phule Pune University (1988-2017)
as Reader (1988-1998), Professor (1998-2017) (Dept. of Mathematics)
and Head of the Department of Mathematics (2012-2015)
Current Occupation: Chair Professor, Lokmanya Tilak Chair, SPPU, Pune
(5 Feb. 2018 onwards)
Other Responsibilities:
1. Governing Body Member and Custodian of BhaskaracharyaPratishthana, Pune
2. Treasurer, The Mathematics Consortium
3. President, Indian Academy for Industrial and Applicable Mathematics
Academic Activities:
1. Organised many annual foundation Schools of NBHM and National Centre for Mathematics
2. Guided 11 M.Phil. students and 15 Ph.D. students
3. Participated in international conferences in Mathematics in Germany, China, France, USA
4. Worked as Deputy Leader and Observer for Indian Mathematics Olympiad Team participating in International Mathematics Olympiads at India, Argentina and Germany.

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