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Explore the Origins of Knowledge with Our Vedic Studies Course

3 Month Online Certificate Course

Monday to Wednesday
Online Live Sessions + Q&A

4 Credit Course  

Study of Vedas

Language - Hindi

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International Certification in Indology and Indian Knowledge System

Course Duration
6 May to 10 July 2024
(Monday to Wednesday)
Morning: 7:30am to 8:50am (IST)
30 Sessions
x 80 Minutes


   Course Fee 
Indian Students ₹ 6000/-

Foreign Students US$150

2500+ Minutes of Content + Q & A + eBook Study Material
Live Classes + Recordings Available
[Assignments + Online MCQ Exam]

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Course Introduction: Vedas are Apaurusheya. In the supreme state of Nirgun Samadhi (Meditation) in complete solitude in the dense forest, the hymns of the Vedas erupted to the ancient sages. This sage does not call himself the creator of this divine literature, but only the author/writer. The Vedas are the oldest texts of the world such that they are the guide for the whole world with complete selflessness. Maharishi Vyas analyzed, collected and separated these Vedas and edited Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda. Then the Upavedas like Ayurveda, Dhanurveda, Gandharvaveda, Sthapatyaveda etc. were formed. This stream of knowledge has been flowing through oral tradition for thousands of years. With this, Siksa (Pronunciation), Chandas (Metre), Vyakarana (Grammar), Nirukta (Etymplogy), Jyotisa  (Astronomy) and Kalpa (Ceremonial) were created as Vedangas. Samhita texts, Brahman texts, Aranyak texts and Upanishad texts were also produced in them. It is very important for every Indian to have primary knowledge of Vedas and its knowledge base. The knowledge of Vedas will play a very important role for every Indian in the overall development of India.

Connect with Your Roots: Learn the Vedas and Shape the Future


Google Reviews

Rated 4.8 / 5 (160+)



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Total Learners

9500 + Students

What you will Learn from this course ?

  • Basic knowledge about 4 Veds and Upavedas

  • Concept of Shruti and Smruti 

  • Knowledge of Sanhita, Brahman Granth, Aranyaka 

  • Functions of 4 Veda & Upavedas  

  • Origin of Scientific Concepts in Vedas

  • Vedic Civilization and Culture  

  • Knowledge of Vedangas and their Application

  • Vedic Heritage of Literature

  • Human Libraries as a tool for voyage of knowledge 

  • Applications of Vedas in Day Today Life

​Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Vedas

  • Vaidic Rushi, Rrushika, Devata

  • Vaidic Chhand and Chhandanushasan

  • Intoduction to Rugved

  • Rugved - Samhita, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishadas

  • Intoduction to Atharvaved

  • Atharvaved - Samhita, Brahmanas, Upanishadas

  • Intoduction to Shukla and Krushna Yajurved

  • Yajurved - Samhita, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishadas

  • Intoduction to Samved

  • Samved - Samhita, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishadas

  • Upavedas - Ayurveda, Gandharvaveda, Dhanurved, Sthāpatyaveda

  • Vedang - Shiksha, Nirukt, Vyakaran, Kalp, Chhand, Jyotish

  • Ved - Ideals of Human life

  • Science in Vedas

Contact for any inquiries -
Head Office  
(Call) Vinayak: 7875191270
WhatsApp: 8788243526
(Call) Mo: 7875743405 

Office Address:
622, Janaki Raghunath, Pulachi Wadi,Near Z Bridge, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune - 411004 Bharat
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About Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge Systems...

Bhishma School of Indian Knowledge Systems conducts Online Certificate Courses based on Ancient Indian Vedic Wisdom, True Indian History, Art, Culture, Literature, Science, Technology, Ancient Civilization. 

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This Course includes... 

  • 35+ Hrs of Live Training on zoom

  • Class Recordings

  • Q & A Sessions

  • Study Material in eBook format

  • Guidance for Career / Research Opportunities

  • Digital Certification By BSIKS


  • To confirm your Admission click on "Enroll Now" and Pay the amount with Form.

  • Students across the Globe can Join this Course.

  • You can pay amount Online by Credit/Debit Cards/ Net Banking/ UPI - BHIM, GPay, PhonePay.

  • You will receive Class details one day before the date on your email.

  • Amount once paid is not refundable. Can be adjusted in next batch or can be shifted to another course.

Experienced Faculties:

Dr. Aparna Dhir, Dr. Uday Kumathekar, Prof Harshada Sawarakar, Dr Mrunalini Newalkar, Dr Narendra Joshi


How should I prepare for this

Pen, Paper, and an inquisitive mind is all you need to understand the concepts of Ved Vedang.

Is online class interactive or only one-sided?

All our online courses are highly interactive! 

You will not only enjoy live video and audio but also interact with the trainer in 2 different ways:

1. Last 15-20 minutes of every lecture will Q&A session.

2. You can write questions in Chatbox which are visible to other participants, Faculties will answer those questions.

Who will conduct the Course?

This live Course will be conducted by BSIS. Know more about us in "About" section.

How will I join the online class on a schedule?

Post-booking, you will receive an email from the BSIS support desk a day before every class. Wherein, you will be given an access link and meet Code.

From where will these live classes be broadcasted?

This live course will be broadcasted and controlled primarily from BSIS Office at Pune. Faculties will join from their own places.

Do I need to download any app for this live Course?

Yes ! Please download the Zoom application. Post-booking, You will see the Link. If you do not see link don't worry, You will receive detail instruction and link through email with class details.

Begin Your Vedic Journey Today - Enroll Now and Transform!"

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