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The Study of Indian History and Culture - Vol - 10 of 18 General Editor - Shripad Kulkarni India since times immemorial has been justly famous not only for her store of gold, but also for her vast wealth of knowledge. The Vedas, the heritage of mankind and the root of all Dharmic ways - the ways of righteous behaviour, were born on the banks of her great river-systems the Sindhu and Saraswati Though the Muslim invaders plundered India and heaped inhuman tortures on the Hindus, yet they chose to stay here and the wealth of India was not shipped away, as under the British rule. Moreover culturally as well as in the conduct as rulers, the Muslims could not dispute their palm with the Indians The Hindus suffered very much under the despotic and bigoted Muslim nun Yet they did not suffer culturally very much. With the British as rulers, India was actually drained of its gold and thoroughly impoverished. Further through the English system of education, the elite classes were alienated with their parental culture and won over the Western way of thinking As P. Sorokin ob serves, the British were the most precious rulers in history However, by their sophisticated propaganda, the English educated elite group in India developed the idea that the British were actually the bridge between the backward Mughals and the new age of science and humanism. Further the Indians notoriously enough did not study the Muslim psyche and treated their religious notions as on par with those of the Hindus This has caused immense damage to the image of the Hindus. And this has been the single reason why the Hindus sufFered reverses at the hands of the Muslim invaders The Indians are the people besides the Chinese and the Japanese who have withstood their onslaught through out the last thousand years. The British thought they bled us white, yet when they had to leave they did it with grace This is the only redeeming feature of their psyche. Published on 1997 Available in ENGLISH and MARATHI Hardcover, Pages: 358 Publisher: Shri Bhagwan Vedvyasa Itihasa Samshodhana Mandir (BHISHMA)

Vol 10 - Emergence of Free India


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