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The Study of Indian History and Culture - Vol - 06 of 18 General Editor - Shripad Kulkarni This is not an encounter with Islam as religion. Nor is it the detailed history of Islamic rule in India. It is the record of facts about Islam as preached and practised by the majority of its adherents. This record is again a faithful reproduction of what the Muslim historians and theologians have noted as authentic: the incident and events as they have witnessed contemporaneously from time to time. This, therefore, is the encounter of the Indians particularly the Hindus with the practitioners of Islam viz. the invaders, the rulers the theologians who heaped on the innocents untold miseries in the name of Islam. It is an fact that the Vedas are the heritage of mankind. They are the first written records and thus the first written scriptures of humanity at large. Even the Prophet of Islam pays his homage to all earlier efforts to convey Allah's (God's) message to mankind. "And for every nation, there is a messenger". (Q. 10-47) "And we sent messengers, we have mentioned to thee before and messengers we have not mentioned to the" (Q.4-164) Published on 1997 Available in ENGLISH and MARATHI Hardcover, Pages: 312 Publisher: Shri Bhagwan Vedvyasa Itihasa Samshodhana Mandir (BHISHMA)

Vol 6 - Encounter with Islam


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