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The Study of Indian History and Culture - Vol - 03 of 18 General Editor - Shripad Kulkarni In this volume, we have touched upon certain peculiar notions about our History and culture, for they are still current in the clite circles of our Ancient Land The biggest misconception amounting almost to a fraud was about out Ancient Chronology We have tried to remove it in our First Volume by adducing clinching evidence in support There are still very many misconceptions persisting in the thinking sections of our society Many of our Indologists still persist in accepting the Aryan immigration theory. the basic premise underlying this being the destruction of the Indus Civilization (We call it Sarasvati-Sindhu Civilization) by the invading nomads, the Aryans. We have therefore incorporated an analytical chapter on it pointing out in the sequel that this theory is as dead as dodo On this background, the readers will appreciate the exploits of the heroes of these two epics as parts of our history The history of ancient India as we find it in the epics is no real history, so these myth-makers proclaim to sell alienated progressives Almost all the Indians how ever believe the narration in these as part of our authentic history The central theme of these two great Epics Ramayana and Mahabharata is the protection of Dharma righteousness and the suppression of Adharma, the evil tendencies Rigveda proclaims here there is none superior, or none inferior All are brothers and they have all gathered together 10 increase the wellbeing of all (RV 5 60 5I Dharma protects the weak and thus removes the inequalities between man and man created by nature Some are endowed with more strength, more intelligence and more acumen than others Those B endowed tend to develop domineering attitude which when they attain success results in grabbling propensities. Published on 1997 Available in ENGLISH and MARATHI Hardcover, Pages: 322 Publisher: Shri Bhagwan Vedvyasa Itihasa Samshodhana Mandir (BHISHMA)

Vol 3- The Epics Ramayana & Mahabharata


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